Ramadan Cookie Contest

Posted in: Ramadan Ramadan Traditions Sweets Feb 16 2011
Join our Ramadan Cookie Contest. 

Extended Deadline

Send us one of your family favorites; they may just become someone else’s! 


Cookie Categories:

  • Traditional Ramadan Cookie
  • Non-Traditional


  • 1 submission per person
  • Submissions must be be emailed by May 30, 2011
  • Recipes must be in “the english system” for measurements, no metric please.
  • Use ingredients that are easily available
  • If you are sending a traditional cookie recipe, share what country it is from
  • Please include a photo of your cookie
  • Contest is open to everyone globally

The recipes submitted will be baked locally and the winner will be chosen by our sweet “Cookie Judges”. Results will be published in July.


Gifts: Our Winner will receive some lovely Ramadan gifts from Barakah Life and some of BL’s friends. 


Mail Submissions to:  info@barakahlife.com




  1. Oooh, how fun! Does it have to be our own personal recipe? Or one we’ve found and made? Inshallah I’m definitely going to give this a try.

    Amnah 9 years ago Reply
  2. It can be a family favorite, it does not matter where it originally came from. Looking forward to getting yours.

  3. If you guys have any more contests in the future, keep us posted :)

  4. Awesome, this is so exciting! Is there any age limit? My 8 year old would like to enter and so would I.

    Carolyn Lane 9 years ago Reply

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