Accordion Book

Posted in: Cards Crafts Eid Gift-Making Apr 11 2014

Little books like this accordion book are great uses for left over bits of scrap decorative paper. This project can be scaled up or down depending on the size of book that you’d like to make.





(a) 1 piece 3″ x  19″ paper

(b) 2 pieces of 4″ x  4″ decorative paper

(c) 2 pieces of 3″ x  3″ decorative paper

(c) 2 pieces 3″ x  3″ card stock for cover and back



  1. Inner Book: Take paper (a) and fold over 1/2″ on one end of the sheet. Every 3″ fold paper in the opposite direction accordion style. The last fold at the end will be 1/2″.


  1. Covers: Center piece (c) on the wrong side of piece ((b). Fold each side of the decorative paper inwards making the folds nice and crisp. Secure with glue. Repeat with the other cover.


  1. Cover Backing: Spread glue on the 3 sides of the back of piece (c). Place (c) glue side down on top of the book cover so that all of the folds are covered. Repeat with the other cover.


  1. Attaching cover to inner book: Take piece (a) and spread glue on both sides of the end tab then slide into the open end of the book cover. Press to secure. Repeat on the opposite side.