Children’s Art: Postcards

Posted in: Cards Crafts Gift-Making Ramadan Jul 2 2015

kids drawing

Ramadan Joy Happy Ramadan Drawing-1

This drawing is by Sana, one of my former students. I adore the happy sweetness of it along with the simple lines and minimal detail. Kids artwork is a perfect starting point for so many gift giving projects. I’ve used Sana’s drawing to create Ramadan postcards. I scanned the original image and then added the “Ramadan Mubarak” quote by the bird. The image was reduced so that I could get 4 postcards per page. I then printed it on card stock and cut into 4 cards. For a larger number of cards and better quality print send the file to Kinkos and have them print and cut for you.  On the opposite side write your message and add the friends address.


Here’s the Ramadan Joy Happy Ramadan Drawing link.