Children’s Ramadan Calendars

Posted in: Decorations Ramadan Ramadan Traditions Feb 8 2011


Silk Ramadan Calendar

Create a beautiful tradition for your children with Barakah Life’s Ramadan Calendar.

The calendars are made with quality materials of silk and wool and will last through your child’s growing years. The calendar features thirty pockets and a star button on each one. With the passing of each day, children mark the day with a star and search the day’s pocket for a treat. Parents fill the pockets with small gifts, candy, notes or other treasures according to their children’s interests.
The calendar’s heading is blank so that you may have your child’s name embroidered on it (please enter the name in ‘Engrave text’ option in checkout page).

We’ve been making Ramadan Calendars since 1999.

Each calendar measures 19” x 24” with 3 inch square pockets.