Felt Moon & Stars

Posted in: Crafts Decor Decorations Uncategorized Jul 3 2012

The moon and stars were made with wool felt but it would also be pretty made out of paper. You can also add sparkle by adding beads and sequins.



  • paper & pencil for pattern making
  • wool felt; white for moon and blues and lavender for the stars
  • stuffing; wool fluff or poly stuffing
  • sewing machine or just needle thread
  • scissors


  1. Draw a pattern for the moon.
  2. Pin the pattern on white felt and cut out two pieces for the front and back.
  3. Remove the pattern and then pin front and back together.
  4. Sew by hand or machine stitch all the way around, leaving a couple of inches open for stuffing.
  5. Stuff the moon making sure to get the stuffing all the way to both ends.
  6. Sew it closed by hand or machine.
  7. Draw a pattern for the stars. They can all be the same or you can vary the size and shapes.
  8. Pin the pattern on the felt and cut as many stars as you’d like.
  9. The stars can be sewn in strands either by hand with a running stitch, or on the machine. Make sure to leave the threads long at both ends.
  10. Make a little loop on each of the strands at the place that you’d like to attach it to the moon. Cut any remaining string after the loop.
  11. Sew the star strands onto the moon by tacking each strand through its loop.
  12. Cut the string that is hanging at the very end of the strand.
  13. You can hang moon by threading embroidery floss or thread from the top part of the moon and when you have it as long as you want it cut and then tie both ends together.