Iftar in the Tenderloin

Posted in: Favors Sep 27 2007

Seventh Annual Iftar of the Tenderloin District


This year the event will be held on the 29th of September, at the Tenderloin Children’s Playground at 570 Ellis Street.

Invited to this event are over 100 families from Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bosnia, North Africa, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Egypt living in and around the Tenderloin District of San Fransisco. The event sponsors will host a dinner for the families with games and gifts for the children. The families are also given gifts and food and as the sponsors say  “All leave with hearts full of gratitude and arms loaded with gifts.” Last year there were more than 340 people in attendance, including 154 children/youth. To me one of the proof’s of the goodness of this project is the volunteers alone, last year there were over 100.

The Tenderloin is often described in some of the guides as  “the worst neighborhood in San Francisco,” As one writer put it “Sure, there are loads of drug dealers, addicts, prostitutes and mentally unstable street people, but if you can get past that, you’ll find it is also one of the city’s most exciting and diverse locales.”

It’s not too late to give your tax deductible contribution. One way to give is by giving Safeway or Albertsons Gift Cards. This is a great way to give as you know that your money will go directly into helping and feeding a family. For more information please contact Nabila Mango at nabila@sbcglobal.net

This is my 3rd year supporting the good work of this organization, my small contribution is the favor bags for the kids. This year I will be creating large star cookies for them. The king size cookie bags are all attached to a ribbon which makes a very sweet garland that is festive to look at and yummy to eat.