Melted Wax Designs

Posted in: Cards Crafts Gift-Making Uncategorized Feb 7 2013


I’ve created these melted wax designs with kids for years. The papers are so pretty and then you can use them in so many ways with other crafts. This project needs a little care when doing it with small children but well worth it as the finished papers are beautiful. The sheets can then be glued to the front of construction paper to make cards.


  • copy paper, cut each sheet into quarters
  • crayons, remove papers
  • pencil
  • fry pan or disposable pie tin (if a frying pan i used line it with foil.)
  • stove or hot plate


  1. Place the lined pan on the heating element on a low heat.
  2. Young children can just drop the crayons on the foil, a few at a time and let them melt. Older kids can able to draw on the foil and make designs. Work quickly or  the crayons will evaporate.
  3. Once you have pools of color place a paper on top, tap down with the eraser side of the pencil and then use the lead side to lift it up a little so that you can grab it.