Ramadan Giving

Posted in: Uncategorized Sep 28 2007

Unity for Human Dignity Day, is sponsored by Rahima Foundation, as well as some other local organizations. This event is scheduled for Saturday September 29, 2007 in both San Jose and Oakland. The plan is to serve 1000 homeless in the two locations, sharing the blessings of this month with the less fortunate population and greater community. They will serve hot lunches & homemade cookies and give some personal items to the attendees. As part of this effort it has become a tradition for some of the local schools to have their families bake cookies as a little sweetness to give with the meals. It is a wonderful way to not only give a little but to take the time to contemplate how much we have to be grateful for. For more information please contact Rahima at mail@rahima.org or www.rahima.org .