Ramadan Wallhanging

Posted in: Crafts Decorations Ramadan Sewing Jul 7 2011





  • White centerpiece
  • 1/4 yard striped fabric
  • 2 yards ribbon
  • backing contrast fabric for letters
  • double sided fusible interfacing
  • letter patterns
  • embroidery floss

Cut wallhanging pieces to desired dimensions. The one above starts with the white centerpiece being 14″ x 17″


  1. Embroider a frame on white fabric
  2. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of letter fabric
  3. Cut out letters
  4. Arrange letters on white fabric and press
  5. Sew side striped binding on to white centerpiece, sew top binding on next
  6. With right sides together pin and sew on backing piece leaving an opening for turning
  7. Trim corners at an angle and turn right sides out
  8. Press
  9. Sew opening closed
  10. Topstitch ribbon the the top of wallhanging

The wallhanging could be simplified by making it out of wool felt or paper.