Paper Starburst

Posted in: Crafts Decor Decorations Eid Ramadan Aug 2 2011





  • 6 sheets of 12″ x 12″ paper
  • glue
  • string
  • scissors
  • hole punch


  1. Fold right side of the paper inward toward the center, crease.1
  2. Fold left side inward toward paper center, overlap by a 1/2 inch, crease.1
  3. Open up creases and flip the paper over.1
  4. Fold creases on both sides toward the center just like above.1
  5. Fold both of the side creases to the center till the meet, crease.1
  6. Fold right edge inward then the left side inward overlapping over the right side, crease.
  7. Glue the overlapping edge down.
  8. Fold in half with the open edges together, crease. The folded paper should look like a V.
  9. Glue the inside of the v shape together.
  10. Trim the top of the open area to a point or you can use decorative scissors.
  11. Follow the same process for the 5 remaining sheets.
  12. Glue all the pieces together, matching inner fold to outer edge.


Partial Side Section

The white paper is the inside of the folded sections.



Close Up

6 folded sections make up the star