Waxed Tissue Stars

Posted in: Crafts Decor Decorations Eid Ramadan Jun 20 2014


Every Ramadan I  make these stars with children. The one above has been attached to my kitchen window for the last couple of years and was made by Detou. Waxed Tissue Stars make beautiful lasting window decorations. Keep them up or pack way and take them out each Ramadan.



  • Waxed tissue or any type of tissue or paper, cut into 8 squares
  • Glue stick



  • Fold each square in half diagonally then open up.
  • Fold corner point to center, do the same with the opposite corner.
  • Repeat with the 7 other sheets.
  • To form star, spread glue on the top corner of one of the triangles, place another triangle on top.
  • Repeat with remaining triangles.
  • Star can be finished by either gluing the back of the star.