Wrapped Cards

Posted in: Cards Crafts Ramadan Jul 26 2010

Wrapped Cards


  • Decorative Paper 10” x 10”, for the envelope
  • Construction or copy paper ,for the card
  • Glue Stick

PDF of envelope pattern

Download CloverShape



  1. Download the clover shape; print and cut it out
  2. Lay the clover shape on top of the decorative paper. You can either hold it and cut or lightly tape it in place to cut
  3. Place the wrong side of the paper up.
  4. Fold each of the semi-circles inward and put aside
  5. Cut envelope band to 1” x 10”


  1. Cut construction or copy paper to 4 ¼ x 4 ¼
  2. Write or draw your message
  3. Place the card inside the square area of the envelope.
  4. Fold each semi-circle inward, they will overlap and then tuck the last one under the first one.
  5. Place the envelope band  over the center area and wrap all the way around the envelope till the ends of the band meet. Glue the end of the bands together.