Ramadan Mobile

Posted in: Baking Crafts Decorations Ramadan Aug 22 2011

Australian artist Zahrah Habibullah-Williams created the Ramadan Mubarak Stars for Ramadan Joy.  Zahrah works from her creative platform “Souk Collective”  http://www.soukcollective.com

I’ve used Zahrah’s design to create a mobile but it is quite nice just printed out as is and used as a welcoming sign. We’ve printed two sheets of the design and then pasted the stars and moons back to back. The shapes are hung on a large wooden embroidery hoop. Zahrah’s design ramadanmobil




The third way we used Zahra’s design was to reduce the size of the stars for our Rice Crispy Balls. After we printed and cut out the stars we attached toothpicks to the star backs and inserted them into the treats.