Numbered Flag Garland

Posted in: Crafts Decor Decorations Ramadan Jun 17 2014

Count the days of Ramadan with a flag for each day.


Keep them all up or remove a flag as each day passes  to visually see how many days of Ramadan remain.



rj numbered flag garland pdf


  • paper (decorative or construction paper) cut to 3″ x 5″
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • string or embroidery floss



  1. Cut 30-  3″ x  5 1/2″ sheets
  2. Fold sheets in half
  3. Cut out pdf flag pattern
  4. Place pattern on folded side of one of the folded sheets and then snip the points on the other side of the paper. Snip all remaining flags
  5. Cut the numbers from the pdf pattern
  6. Glue the numbers onto each of the 30 flags
  7. Cut string to desired length
  8. Add the flags to the string
  9. Secure the inside front to the inside back of the flag with a dab of glue